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This is how they put them up on the roof...
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This how they put

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Friday, 13-Jan-2006 00:00
Distinctively KeLaTte : The Fish Scale Roof


Ada sesuatu yang kalian perlu tahu.
Tentang Kelantan.

Untuk itu,
dirasakan teramatlah afdhal bagi kalian untuk terlebih dahulu
meluangkan masa dengan memproses ayat ayat dalam petikan artikel yang aku sertakan di bawah ( yang aku temukan di alam internet ).

beredarlah ke sumber asal dan
teruskanlah usaha murni kalian dengan merungkai maksud keseluruhannya
( kerana itu impian aku dan aku juga dapat rasakan, itulah juga impian si tuan empunya situs )

Silalah, jangan segan silu. Buatlah macam fotopej sendiri.

Ahh, satu lagi.
Aku mahu kalian diam.
Hanya mata dan tetikus kalian sahaja yang dibenarkan mundar mandir.
Tengoklah gambar gambar dalam entri kali ini, satu persatu.
kepada kamu
atap itu mahu berbicara .... :


* The Last Singhorra Factory

There is something about the Malay houses in Kelantan and Terengganu
that differ from that of the rest in the country. Look up and you'll see why: the singhorra tile.
Instead of attap roofs, these East Coast houses have delicate,
3mm-thin clay tiles that look like fish scales from a distance.
These brick-orange roof tiles aren't just beautiful but serve a very functional purpose
in Malaysia's extreme tropical climate.....

( http://wildasia.net/main/article.cfm?articleID=230(CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE) )



* Singhorra on the roof

The earthen oven for making the singhorra roof tiles used in east coast Malay houses
sits just about 10m away from Jusoh Hussin's house in rustic Kampung Pengkalan Baru, Bachok, Kelantan.

In the shed beside the oven, Siti Fatimah Awan, 50, one of 10 workers at Jusoh's backyard, spreads padi husk ashes on a roof tile mould and puts a slab of clay on it before she pushes the clay downwards with her right foot several times.
She uses a wire cutter to slice away the excess and removes a 3mm-thick rhomboid-shaped grey clay......

( http://allmalaysia.info/news/story.asp?file=/2005/10/3/state/11992257&sec=mi_kelantan(CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE) )



* These old atap bata or clay roof tiles came from my grandparent's wooden house.

The house was dismantled years ago to have my uncle's new house built on the spot.
During the dismantling work, the still good atap bata were taken down carefully, placed at a corner, perhaps for some future use but somehow were forgotten which explains the thick vegetations and the current conditions. I picked some of the good ones and brought them home.

My grandparents' house is no more but I shall keep the remaining roof tiles as a simple token of appreciation, for those childhood memories which I dear most.

* A closer look on how atap bata are arranged and held at their places.

If you were to travel across Kelantan and Terengganu and see buildings or houses with this kind of roof tiles, note that they are all got fixed using this method.

* A house belonged to a Kelantanese Nobleman somewhere in Kota Bharu, as taken around 1905.

An example of practical and actual usage of Atap Bata in the days when roof tile was used to emphasize one's special status in the society.

( source : " Kelantan : A State of The Malay Peninsula " ( 1908 ) by W.A Graham, the then Siamese appointed British Advisor to the Court of Kelantan.)

* Some examples of existing (some are old) structures with Atap Bata.

As a note, the clay roof tiles, when newly placed, were brick-red in colour.
But as time passed in this hot and humid land, the exposed area would normally be covered by algae and dirt which somehow turned the tiles into an almost black, deep green coloration, which then blends with the wood to appear rustic and antique ( which is nice ! )

A Peep Into Atap Bata Past:

" ...Thatch, the use of which was universal a short while ago, is giving place to tiles, and a great deal of unsightly but useful corrugated iron is used in the construction of houses .... "

W.A Graham ( 1908 ) " Kelantan : A State of The Malay Peninsula " Chapter VI : Towns and Villages, Page 28

Note : Tiles = Atap Bata Singhorra / Singhorra Roof Tiles

Atap Bata in Real Life :

* http://raykinzoku.fotopages.com/?entry=653987( Mencari ~ Wakaf ~ )

http://raykinzoku.fotopages.com/?entry=566454( A Tribute To Kota Bharu Old Quarters ~ )

http://raykinzoku.fotopages.com/?entry=536131( Mencari Pak Tua : Episod 2 )


* Inginkah kalian aku khabarkan
bahawa aku bermimpi
akan pada suatu masa
bangsaku terngadah
dari lena modernisasi
lantas cuba menggapai kembali
khazanah nenek moyang
yang sudah hilang
dilarikan angin alpa
entah ke mana ~


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