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2 Jan 2006
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Jan 2006

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Tuesday, 29-Nov-2005 00:00
When I say, " Kota Bharu "...
...what will you think of ?

In case if you have never been to Kota Bharu,
and have no idea what Kota Bharu looks like *,
here I have some shots taken from certain "elevated" points in Kota Bharu Town * which I believe could help you to come up with some ideas of what the town must be like at the moment..

For those who still don't know,
Kota Bharu is the northern most major town in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

Note :
* .. especially if you have been fed all these years, by those "alien-abduction" kind of stories on Kota Bharu, perhaps from those who never been to Kota Bharu themselves !

*.. or CITY, as you might like it to be called. In Japan, basically both towns and cities (by Malaysian standard) are known as "shi" or "city".

Kota Bharu streets and Kota Bharu Clock Tower. The Clock Tower was built in 1970s when the previous Sultan of Kelantan (the late) was made the King of Malaysia.

The under construction, pigeon-house like structure on the right, is a condo owned by PKINK, and no, this is not for pigeons.

The Pelangi Mall Project ( with condos and waterfront shopping mall etc ) in progress. Perhaps 30% or so completion.

http://raykinzoku.fotopages.com/?entry=551397(Aerial Shots of Kota Bharu town, taken from a domestic Malaysia Airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu)

Nota Lutut :

UPDATED Dec 2, 2005 : 6 "bird-eye-view" photos of Kota Bharu, Clock Tower area

UPDATED Dec 10, 2005 : 3 "bird eye view" photos of Kota Bharu suburb / outskirt

UPDATED Jan 2, 2006 : 12 "bird eye view" photos of Kota Bharu from the Kota Sri Mutiara

UPDATED Jan 6, 2006 : 6 "bird ( owl ? he he ) eye view" night photos of Kota Bharu from the Kota Sri Mutiara

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